macOS New App Release – Password Manager


Product Announcement – B-Eng of Fehraltorf, Switzerland has released their free Password Manager tool for the Mac. It can be downloaded from their homepage. The tool is called simply Password Manager and runs on any Mac running macOS 10.9 or later with a 64-bit processor. Password Manager allows anyone to organize passwords in groups with individual lists for each group, the creation of templates for both groups and entries and protection with either master password or fingerprint for Macs that support Touch ID. The app supports multi users, and lists can be exported and imported as xml-files.

The encryption of the database is set to 256-bit Rijndale with 50.000 rounds by default, but can be altered to ChaCha2 and Twofish alternatively while supporting AES and Argon2 algorithm. Password Manager also comes with a customizable password generator, supporting a password length of up to 256 characters, the autotype function makes handling passwords with this length a simple task.

Password Manager for Mac is available on the homepage of B-Eng after registering with a user name and a valid e-mail.


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