The Podcast – “LifeAfter”

Podcasts – While this podcast has been out for some time, I just finished it yesterday. LifeAfter is another Science Fiction podcast from the GE Podcast Theater and Panoply. Their first production a year ago was “The Message. Which I thought was outstanding.

This year the product is “LifeAfter”. This is a 10 episode podcast with each episode lasting about 30 minutes. As with “The Message” only the last episode has any of the standard production information  – actors, directors, etc.

The story surrounds a popular voice messaging App. Something like Twitter, but verbal. And FBI employee’s wife died in a tragic accident months earlier. But he can’t get over her loss. He is amazed when he begins getting messages from his deceased wife over his phone.

I thought this was a good Science Fiction Mystery. It takes what we see today in Apps and AI and extends it to what might happen in the near future. It is both entertaining and insightful. I thought it was 5 hours well spent!

The series can be downloaded through iTunes and other sources.

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