macOS New App Release – Business Intelligence Solution for ConceptDraw

Product Announcement – CS Odessa of San Jose, California has released Business Intelligence Solution add in for ConceptDraw PRO v11. CS Odessa announces a new set of libraries that provide a wide range of graph and chart types that support the building and displaying of key performance indicators (KPI). The new addition to ConceptDraw Solution Park is a paid item for current users of ConceptDraw PRO v11.

Organizations many times have a defined set of KPI that are tracked to measure the success of important activities. Key performance indicators for a company can be varied depending on business type. Managers are responsible for selecting performance indicators that define aspects of their company’s performance.

The management team may determine it is important to track web traffic to prospect conversion, or breakage that leads to scrap, or time needed to respond to a customer inquiry, or many other known indicators. The addition of the Business Intelligence Solution to ConceptDraw PRO makes for a powerful analytical tool that displays an organization’s processes and provides valuable competitive insight into their operation.

ConceptDraw Office v4 is the fourth generation suite of ConceptDraw products that uses ConceptDraw InGyre4 integration technology to share data between its applications, allowing user to switch gears for different tasks more quickly. ConceptDraw Office v4 includes ConceptDraw MINDMAP v9, ConceptDraw PROJECT v8, ConceptDraw PRO v11, and the ConceptDraw Solution Park with more than 170 Solutions to power user through difficult and time consuming asks. The ConceptDraw Office suite is designed for knowledge workers, project managers, managers, and academics. ConceptDraw Office works with the latest versions of both Apple OS X and Microsoft Windows.

System Requirements: ConceptDraw PRO v11 is compatible with Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows.

The ConceptDraw Business Intelligence Solution retails for $99 USD, and is available through the website. ConceptDraw PRO retails for $199 USD. ConceptDraw PRO v11 is included in ConceptDraw Office v4 which retails for $499 USD.


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