EWeek – Who are Some of the Great Engineers?

EWeek – As we are in the middle of Engineers Week, perhaps we should consider just who some of the great engineers are. Here is just a brief list:

  1. Archimedes – greatest classical engineer
  2. Leonardo da Vinci – inventions include flying machines, armored vehicles, the adding machine, the double hull and solar power concentration
  3. George Stephenson – father of the railway
  4. Steve Wozniak – development of Apple I and II
  5. Robert Stephenson – expanded on father’s (George) railway development
  6. Elon Musk – SpaceX, Tesla Motors and Solar City
  7. Burt Rutan – aircraft design
  8. Fazlur Rahman Khan – father of the modern ‘sky scraper’
  9. Nikola Tesla – AC electrical power
  10. Henry Ford – assembly line, mass production
  11. Nikolaus Otto – internal combustion engine
  12. Charles Babbage – programmable computer
  13. George Westinghouse Jr. – railway brake and electrical power
  14. Alan Turing – modern computer architecture
  15. Thomas Edison – inventor, lasting electric light bulb
  16. Gottlieb Daimler – internal combustion engines and automobiles
  17. Orville and Wilbur Wright – first successful airplane
  18. Lee de Forest – Father of radio, sound recording for movies
  19. Frank Whittle – turbojet engine
  20. Tommy Flowers – designed Colossus, first programmable electronic computer
  21. Gustave Eiffel – french railway, Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower
  22. Michael Faraday – electromagnetic induction
  23. Alexander Graham Bell – telephone, communication for the deaf
  24. James Watt – steam engine



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