macOS New Release -Blobman 3.0


Product Announcement – BlobmanLabs of Valencia, California has released Blobman 3.0, a complete rewrite to their golf swing improvement tool for Mac OS X and Windows. Perfect for professional Instructors, experienced golfers and new golfers alike, Blobman is a traces based, golf improvement software which serves to encourage better understanding and appreciation of an effective complete swinging motion to better define and polish a golf swing. This software encourages proper motion by using a golf swing model which features useful geometrical components, and is compliant to physical forces. Now with our Blobman 3.0 product component relationships are much more easily seen, understood and utilized.

Among Blobman’s most powerful features are its Traces, and Hide and Show elements. Traces are a nonstop path of a swing component, flowing completely from beginning to end, making it incredibly easy to see and judge what the complete motion should be. Each element can be seen from three perspectives from the Front, Side, and Top. This offers players three different viewpoints from which to develop an accurate and effective feel to help accomplish a fundamentally sound golf swing.

This version of our software offers the embedded Protractor feature, which allows users to find any angle in the golf swing they might be interested to discover. Blobman 3.0 can provide hours of illuminating in depth study and observation.

Feature Highlights:

  • New Protractor
  • Traces of the Major Joints from three views
  • The new component relationships are more easily seen and utilized.
  • The endless possibilities of seeing and understanding the swinging motion from each of the three views
  • The Sequence feature

System Requirements: Mac OS X Version Yosemite and El Captian (Intel Mac)

Blobman 3.0 is only $19.95 (USD) and is available from their website.


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