eBook Sales on Decline


Books – I was amazed when I read “The Bad News About E-books“! A presentation by Jonathan Stolper, Senior VP and global managing director for Nielsen Book, at the Digital Book World conference in New York City earlier this month indicates that eBook sales is on the decline. Unit sales of eBooks in 2016 is estimated to be as much as 16% lower than in 2015.

This decline in sales seems tied somewhat to the average $3 per eBook increase in price that occurred across the industry at about that time. There also seems to be some evidence that the move away from dedicated readers to Apps on tablets and smart phones may also be a factor.

Personally, I like eBooks and intend to continue with them in the months ahead. I must say though that I am appalled at their price. Given the costs to produce and distribute eBooks as compared to print books, their price should only be a fraction of a paperback.


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