Evidence that Drinking Coffee May Slow Aging


I like coffee!

It is always good to read about new findings that give reasons to drinking coffee beyond the good flavor. Today I came across some articles that talk about newly discovered benefits of coffee that may slow down some of the affects of aging.

Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have found that “Drinking coffee may bring with it a long-term perk: Caffeine may protect against age-related inflammation, a process that has been linked to many serious conditions like heart disease, many types of cancers, dementia, and even depression“. Their results was published in Nature Medicine (see Reference #1 below). Further, Time (see Reference #4 below) reports that “the more coffee people drank, the more protected against inflammation they seemed to be“.

A very detailed scientific explanation of how coffee is affecting us is given in #1 below.

So now you have another reason to enjoy a few cups of coffee each day.


  1. Expression of specific inflammasome gene modules stratifies older individuals into two extreme clinical and immunological states
  2. The Surprising Anti-Aging Benefit Of Your Coffee
  3. Drinking Coffee Has a Surprising New Health Benefit
  4. How Your Morning Coffee Might Slow Down Aging

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