Tips for Brewing Improved Coffee


I came across the article “These 5 tips will change the way you brew coffee at home” today. If you follow me you know I like coffee.

I am in full agreement with #1 and #2 – don’t use pre-ground coffee and don’t grind until you are ready to brew your coffee.

While I can see the need for #3 to measure by weight instead of volume and to measure out the water used if you want a recipe for that perfect cup of coffee, for day to day brewing I’m not sure that matters to me.  I dump a heaping scoop of beans in my grinder. Likewise I put approximately the same amount of water in my maker each day, but it is far from a carefully measured amount.

Preinfusing is #4, and frankly that is just going to delay my morning coffee. As for brewing temperature in #5, I have a $20 coffee maker I bought at a local grocery store.

So what does this mean? I agree that everyone should brew from freshly ground beans. This makes a lot of sense even for every day consumption. Tips 3-5 are more for the coffee connoisseur and frankly are just going to delay my coffee in the morning.

Are you willing to take the time for these extra steps?


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