macOS – Default Folder X 5.1

Product Announcement –  – St. Clair Software of Denver, Colorado has released Default Folder X 5.1. This version of its award-winning utility for enhancing Open and Save dialogs offers new capabilities, letting you copy, move and make aliases to files without leaving the file dialog. It also lets you easily change creation and modification dates, addresses compatibility issues, and improves Default Folder X’s reliability.

Default Folder X’s custom keyboard shortcuts put your favorite and recent folders at your fingertips. Pop-up menus let you quickly navigate your folders and open Finder windows. Previews, file information, Spotlight tagging and comments are there when you need them. Open, save, and get back to work: Default Folder X is workflow for the rest of us.

The changes in Default Folder X 5.1 include:

  • New Move, Copy and Make Alias commands that let you reorganize your files from within Open and Save dialogs
  • You can change a file’s creation and modification dates by clicking on them in the Info panel below Open dialogs
  • Selecting an item from one of Default Folder X’s menus while holding the Command key will reveal it in the Finder
  • Default Folder X can create folders in your Library folder for Favorites, Recent Folders and Recent Files: These contain aliases to the folders and files shown in Default Folder X’s menus, making your favorites and history available in the Finder and other applications
  • Compatibility has been improved with macOS Sierra, Keyboard Maestro and PDF Studio
  • A number of reliability issues have been addressed (use the link below for a detailed change history)

System Requirements: macOS 10.10, 10.11 or 10.12

Default Folder X 5.1 is a free update for existing version 5 users. New licenses are $34.95 (USD) and upgrades from version 4 and prior are $14.95. Default Folder X can be purchased from the website. Please see the St. Clair Software web site for screencasts, screenshots, a full change log, and additional feature information. St. Clair Software strongly recommends that anyone using Default Folder X install this update. A 30-day free trial is offered.

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