macOS, iOS Tip – Use Notes for Travel Checklist

I do not travel often since I am now retired. When I do, I have always worried that I forgot something, and sometimes that proves to be the case.


In an effort to solve this, I have been using Apple’s Notes App for the last year to develop a checklist for when I travel. I use the recently added ‘Checklist’ feature of Notes so that things can be checked off as I handle them. To make something a ‘Checklist’ within Notes, highlight the items, then hit the keys Shift-Command-L. A click in the ‘circle’ will change it to a checked off item.


I like using Notes as the list is available for updating on my Mac, my iPad or my iPhone. With the new document sharing feature of Notes, I can also share the checklist with my wife.

Our recent travel abroad found my list incomplete as I had not traveled with it internationally (I had forgotten to add a power adapter). Fortunately it was an easy thing to make updates to the Note on my iPad while on the trip.

I have shared an image of my checklist (above) to give you an idea, but each of us has our own requirements. If you travel, creating a checklist like this will save you time and frustration.  But don’t wait until you are ready to travel to make out your list. Start now, then review when you are about to travel.

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