Review of “Shadows of the Stone Benders”


Book Review – “Shadows of the Stone Benders” eBook was published in 2016 and was written by K. Patrick Donoghue ( This is Mr. Donoghue’s first novel.

I received a galley of this novel for review through I categorize this novel as ‘PG’ because it contains scenes of Violence. The story is set in the US in contemporary times. The primary character is Anlon Cully, a Silicon Valley millionaire. When his archaeologist uncle Devlin Wilson dies from a suspicious fall, he heads east from California to handle the estate.

He, his friend Pebbles McCarver and local police detective Jennifer Stevens are drawn into a mystery. They soon discover that Wilson had discovered unusual artifacts that have power and which support his theories of a early Earth civilization.

They are not the only ones after the artifacts. They find themselves in one harrowing situation after another as they fight to retain control of the artifacts and discover who was behind Wilson’s death.

I enjoyed the near 9 hours I spent with this 316 page Fantasy (maybe it should be Science Fiction) Thriller. There is a Romance angle, though it was not concluded. It was not the best Thriller I had read, but it was a good first novel and I would would read sequels. The cover art was nice, but I am not sure what it has to do with the story. I give this novel a 3.5 (rounded up to a 4) out of 5.

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