“Megacities: Urban Future, the Emerging Complexity” a View of a Dystopian Future

I came across the article “WATCH: The year’s scariest dystopian short film is from the U.S. Army” a few days ago. It contains a link to the video above which predicts a gloomy future for the emerging mega-cities. While the video does not appear to be the direct product of the US military, it certainly came from a well funded, close source.

In short, it predicts that

  • by 2030 many large cities in the world may be in chaos
  • as cities continue to grow, they will nurture criminal and terrorist elements
  • the gap between the top of society and the bottom will continue to grow
  • the military and police forces are not prepared to respond

Watch the 5 minute video above. It was an appeal for more military funding, particularly for Special Operations, so it can be considered a little biased. Yet I certainly see their predictions as possibilities given the current path the world is taking.


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