Review of “George Washington’s Secret Spy War”


“George Washington’s Secret Spy War” eBook was published in 2016 and was written by John A. Nagy ( Mr. Nagy published 5 books, all of the history of the Revolutionary period.

I received a galley of this novel for review through I categorize this novel as ‘G’. The book covers the period in George Washington’s life from his time serving the British Military during the French and Indian War through the
Revolutionary War. A lot of time was spent with Washington’s spies, how he handled the intelligence they gathered, as well as how he attempted to mislead British spies.

This is a very scholarly assessment of how spies were used by Washington during the Revolutionary War. It is full of details – names, dates, and excerpts of letters. It is also well documented with a very large list of citations.

This was an interesting 7.5 hour read of 384 pages (the last 23% of the book is references). This Non-Fiction book is not one for light reading. It is very dry. While it is full of information, I found it choppy, repetitive and a bit daunting to read. It also seemed to stray into more revolutionary era history than just dealing with spy craft. Organizing it a little differently, and smoothing the writing out would have improved the book. I do think that the cover art was well chosen. I give this novel a 3.4 (rounded down to a 3) out of 5.

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