macOS – RoaringApps – Sierra App Compatibility


Product Announcement – Crowd-sourced application compatibility site RoaringApps is ready for the release of Apple’s macOS Sierra, once again compiling application compatibility information for the new operating system. RoaringApps is from Melbourne, Australia developer Bryce Cameron.

The crowd-sourced model used by RoaringApps allows all Mac users to report their experiences with the more than 7,300 applications in the database, providing a complete and up-to-date picture of application compatibility.


Users are encouraged to share their experiences with whatever operating system they are running to help improve the reliability of information in the database. Application compatibility information is collected for versions of macOS from Snow Leopard (10.6) and from iOS 5 onwards.

In addition to the compatibility table available on the RoaringApps website, this year sees the introduction of a compatibility-checker Mac application, currently in a beta release. The RoaringApps Mac app locates installed applications and reports their compatibility with the various versions of macOS in a matter of minutes. You can download Roaringapps directly from the web site.

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