macOS – Cheerio

Product Announcement – Accesources Pty Ltd of Brisbane, Australia has released Cheerio for macOS Sierra. Cheerio is an app that removes distracting advertising, trackers, and other unwanted elements from web pages when using Safari on your Mac. The Cheerio app also makes pages load faster, uses less data on your Wifi or cellular connection, and improves your Mac battery life.

The main features of Cheerio are:

  • Save on your data by not loading data-hogging advertisements on web pages
  • Block ads, rollover ads, video ads, banners, overlay or expanding ads and other marketing content
  • Let Safari load pages faster than ever before by not showing ads, trackers, and other unwanted elements on web pages
  • Get updates to the blocking list as soon as they’re available
  • Save your battery life for things that matter most by not loading and executing battery-hogging JavaScript elements on web pages
  • Keep websites from tracking your activity
  • Whitelist sites you wish not to block

Supported Languages: English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Traditional Chinese

Device Requirements:

  • Cheerio requires macOS 10.12 or later.
  • 64-bit processor

Cheerio is 2.99 USD and is available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Utilities category (rated 4+). It is also available in the iOS App Store at 0.99 USD for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (rated 4+).

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