Trailer for “The Space Between Us”

While this certainly has aspects of Science Fiction (the main character, 16 year-old Asa Butterfield was born on Mars and grew up there) it is mostly a teen coming of age romance.

This standard plot is complicated in this case by Asa’s mother being one of the first colonists sent to Mars. The fact that she is pregnant is not discovered until after the mission has launched (I think that this is a highly unlikely possibility). She then dies in child birth without revealing who the father was.

NASA has kept Asa’s existence a secret (hard to believe). Now at 16 Asa has only met the 14  other Mars colonists. He meets a girl, Tulsa, on-line (unrealistic conversations – unless they have discovered faster than light communications, exchanges would experience a lot of lag due the distance – from 3 up to 21 minutes [1]) and wants to go to Earth to meet her in person and find his father.

So this might be an entertaining movie, but I don’t think I would pay to go see it. I have a hard time with SciFi movies that simply ignore physics. We will all know how it is received when it opens December 16, 2016.



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