Review of “Recall”


“Recall” eBook was published in 2016 and was written by David McCaleb ( Mr McCaleb has published two novels, both in the “Red Ops” series. This is the first book of the series.

I received a galley of this novel for review through I categorize this novel as ‘R’ because it contains scenes of Violence and Mature Language. The story is mostly set in the Middle East. The primary character is Major Tony “Red” Harmon.

Harmon thinks he has been discharged from the US Air Force after an accident, but an incident with muggers open ups a side of himself he was unaware of. A short time later his wife is abducted by terrorists, and that sets him up for ‘recall’.

Harmon had been a member of an elite Special Operation group, but had suffered a complete loss of memory. He had been misled into believing he had just been a supply officer. Now, with the ‘recall’ procedure most of his memory is restored. He, along with former team mates, head into the Middle East to recover his wife.

I enjoyed the not quite 8 hours I spent reading this 240 page Thriller. The pace is fast as Harmon and his team find themselves in one life threatening situation after another. This is was pretty much the standard Spec Ops thriller and a good start to the series. The cover does have the “Spec Op” look to it appropriate for the story. I give this novel a 4 out of 5.

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