macOS Graphic Inspector

Zevrix Solutions of Toronto, Canada has released Graphic Inspector, its quality control solution for images and vector graphics. Graphic Inspector is designed to help photographers, graphic designers, publishers, printers or just anyone who needs to work with a large library of graphics and need to quickly search for a specific attribute or error.

Instead of doing this file by file, which could be a tedious task, users can employ Graphic Inspector to preflight batches of files with a simple drag and drop. For example, users can quickly detect files whose color mode is CMYK, format – JPEG, resolution is below 300 dpi, ICC profile contains “US Web Coated” and so on.

Graphic Inspector offers the following key features:

  • Quickly check batches of images and Illustrator files
  • Powerful preflight presets for different workflows
  • Check for common data such as resolution, color mode, ICC profile and file size
  • Professional prepress checks: spot colors, fonts in vector graphics, image compression
  • Complete EXIF, IPTC and GPS metadata
  • Save checkup results as text file

Graphic Inspector is currently available for $13.96 directly from Zevrix. Trial is also available for download. Graphic Inspector requires Mac OS X 10.5-10.11 (some features require OS X 10.7 or later).


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