FOSS Software for macOS


I came across this and had to share it with my fellow macOS users., is a volunteer organization  in Australia that “acts as a central location for the Committees, Editors, Web Masters and other Leaders of Australian Apple User Groups to find useful resources.

Rather than try to put it in my own words, let me quote their press release:

As part of the celebrations of Software Freedom Day 2016, has compiled a selection of some of the best, yet totally free, software that’s available for the Mac, collected together on a single DVD, called “Spotlight on FOSS 2016” plus a bonus video and a copy of The AppleUsers Spotlight “Software Freedom Day 2016” Special Edition are included.

Apple User Group Leaders and Organizers of Software Freedom Day events can download the Golden Master (and support files including a DVD Label and Promo Flyer) free of charge from Copies of the DVD can then be burnt and distributed to Apple User Group members and to attendees of Software Freedom Day 2016 events – again free of charge.

A five page flyer, supplied as a PDF, which details the DVDs content is also available for printing out and displaying at Apple User Group Meetings and SFD Events. Feel free to expand it to A3 and use it as posters to promote the DVD contents.

The “Spotlight on FOSS 2016” DVD contains:

Audio: Audacity

eBooks: Calibre, Jomic

Education: Celestia, Moodle, Stellarium

Games: Aleph One – Marathon, Armagetron Advanced, BZFlag, Cube 2: Sauerbraten, PrBoom, PySol Fan Club Edition, Scorched 3D, Wesnoth

Graphics: Blender, GIMP, Seashore

Internet: Adium, Cyberduck, Firefox, Kompozer, RSS Owl, SeaMonkey, Thunderbird, Transmission, Vienna

Office Productivity: Apache OpenOffice, FormulatePro, FreeMind, LibreOffice, Skim

Utilities: Burn, ClamXav, MAMP (Macintosh, Apache, Mysql and PHP), Quicksilver,, SheepShaver, The Unarchiver, VirtualBox

Video: HandBrake, Miro Video Converter, Miro, Plex, Video Lan Client (VLC)

Bonus Video: Happy Birthday to GNU, by Stephen Fry

I am a big advocate of using FOSS on the Mac. Check the list here to find the Mac User group near you that is distributing the DVD. Capital Macintosh User Group (CapMac – in Austin, TX will be among the distributors.

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