Automation Thought to Put Jobs at Risk


Yet another study has been published (this time by Oxford University published in 2013) that predicts that between now and 2035 up to 47% of US jobs are at risk of becoming obsolete. Their expectation is that the impact will be broad, impacting clerical and high-skilled jobs as well as the expected blue-collar factory positions.

Nicole Lee of Engadget in her article “How will you survive when the robots take your job?” coupled the job impacts of this report along with serious discussion of how job loss due to automation may one day lead to a Universal Basic Income (i.e. everyone is paid a flat fee each month).

This is not a new idea. Switzerland just earlier this year (2016) held a referendum for a Basic Income. In that case it failed with 77% of the voter opposing it.

Depending on which futurists you listen to, we may or may not find a future without enough employment. If there is going to be a need though for a Universal Basic Income we all better start thinking about it now.

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