TextSoap 8.1

Product Announcement


TextSoap 8.1 for macOS was recently released by Unmarked Software. This is an update to their TextSoap text processing tool. New with this release are user interface improvements  as well as some user requested features.

This is the ideal tool for ‘cleaning’ text documents. It provides an automated way of removing unwanted characters, fixing carriage returns, and many more tedious editing actions. Among the added features are the following new cleaners:

  • Fix up macOS name to rename “Mac OS X”, “OS X” to “macOS”
  • Reverse Line Order
  • Remove All Spaces
  • Remove All Whitespace

The new search history feature gives users access to the last 25 searches, making it straightforward to convert interactive searches into custom cleaner find and replace actions.

QuickClean provides a quick way to associate shortcuts to a collection of cleaners. Users can select a custom or built-in group to have the shortcuts (cmd-1 thru cmd-9) associated with the first 9 cleaners.

TextSoap requires macOS 10.10 or later. The 8.1 update is free to all TextSoap 8 customers. Retail price for TextSoap 8.1 is $44.99 (USD) and can be purchased directly from Unmarked Software.

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