WWW 25 Years Old


It was 25 years ago when the first website went live August 6, 1991 ( an outline of the concept of the Web was first published in March of 1989). While many think of the Web as the Internet, the Internet had been thriving for years. When Sir Tim Berners-Lee created hyperlinked text he opened a new window on information exchange.

Berners-Lee had envisioned the Web to facilitate the sharing of information. In particular he wanted it to be used to share the scientific information that was being discovered at CERN. He had hopes of the Web reducing the time researches spent re-inventing because they had no easy way of finding what others had done.

Berners-Lee created both the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) used to distribute information and the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) used to create the pages of information. He had the HTTP server running on his NeXT  workstation (one of which is pictured above). The Web was opened to use by the public in 1993 and the Mosaic browser, released later that year, became the first of many Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) based browsers.

While Apple computers predate the Web, NeXT computer, which was used by Berners-Lee, was acquired by Apple in 1997. The NeXTSTEP operating system when the NeXT workstations ran became the basis for today’s macOS, introduced as Mac OS X in 2001.


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