I Like Coffee, but . . .


I like coffee, but when I saw an article today for “chewable coffee” that was beyond me. I LIKE to drink hot coffee. I guess if I was in a caffeine deprived state they might do, but still . . . coffee can be found almost anywhere. And most if it is at least drinkable.

So Go Cubes as the product is called was on indegogo, but now a box of 20 x 4-packs can be purchased directly through Amazon for $39 (regularly $59). You get 80 gummy cubes, each of which is equal to half a cup of coffee (50mg caffeine, 100mg theanine, plus other supplements for focused energy on the go). The three available flavors include:

  • mocha
  • pure drip
  • latte

I would love to hear if anyone has tried, and liked these!


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