Four New Planets Found… In the Same Star System

It is amazing how far we have come in discovering exoplanets. When the James Webb Space Telescope is launched in late 2018, the ability to observe exoplanets will be enhanced.


The Kepler spacecraft has been finding planets all over the place during its K2 mission. To date, it has found 104 confirmed planets among 197 star systems surveyed. Yesterday, NASA announced four more planetary finds, but this time they were all in the same star system– and some of them are in the habitable zone, meaning they could support life. There are a lot of really interesting facts uncovered about this star system that were divulged in NASA’s press release on the subject.

What’s the Star Like?

The planets were found in the K2-72 star system. Its sun is much smaller and less massive than our sun, measuring in at about 23% of its size, and 22% of its mass. It is classified as a red dwarf, with its surface temperature coming in at 3497 degrees Kelvin – compared to the Sun’s 5778 degrees Kelvin. Below, I put together…

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