Product Review of Klips


I saw these some time ago and thought that they would be useful. The Klip is a little silicone and polycarbonate accessory for your cables, and are manufactured by Tudia. Cables often wear out where the connector is attached to the cable. The Klip is an easy way to add protection to most any of your cables.

UnknownNot only does adding a Klip give you something more substantial to pull on when you are removing a cable, it also reduces the strain on cables. They install easily: Remove the polycarbonate retaining clip (shown in white above) and the colored silicone base splits open to allow you to wrap it around your cable. The white clip is then slid back into place to hold the Klip around your cable.

Clips are available in the five colors shown in the top picture and weigh only 0.08oz each. They will easily attached to your standard Apple Lightning, 30-pin and Apple Watch charging cables. My wife and I have them in use on all three cable types.

I bought ours through Amazon, picking up a 10-piece set (a pair in each of the five colors) for $21. This is an inexpensive accessory for your charging cables, but well worth the cost. I recommend these to save on the wear-and-tear on any cables.

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