Paper Book Sales Grow


I made the switch from paper books to eBooks when I bought my first iPad back in 2010. I have read a paperback or two since then, but I really prefer eBooks. The larger adjustable print size, the ability to easily carry around a library of books, and the back lighting allowing me to read in the dark are big pluses for me. It surprised me when I saw that eBook sales figures showed a drop in 2014 of 1.2% to $3.20 billion, then again in 2015 by 11.3% to $2.84 billion.

Surprising too was the increase for 2015 in sales from brick and mortar book stores, increasing 1.8% to 4.15 billion. I am glad to see this particular statistic as I really like visiting book stores. I guess that is why Amazon has begun opening their own brick and mortar stores.

Source: AAP Sales: 2015 Store Sales Rose 1.8%


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