Robot News #7


Articles covering all aspects of robotics continue to appear. Some which I think are particularly interesting follow.

Chinese Security Robot

The National Defense University of China introduced the AnBot earlier this year. It is designed for autonomous patrolling and monitoring. This is very similar to the K5 from Knightscope I wrote about earlier.

 In a country with so many people it is difficult to imagine that robots would be cheaper than a human. I suspect that there are other reasons than labor cost that will apply to the deployment of robots in security applications.

Panasonic Robot for the Hospital


While it has the same general form factor as the AnBot mentioned above, the Hospi-R is intended for non-critical medical applications. Access to the cargo hold is restricted by security card. Inside are trays that can carry medication or equipment.

I think we will see more and more of limited ability robots working side by side with humans.

Robot for Undersea Archaeology

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabian engineers have created OceanOne, a humanoid robot that can be used for underwater archaeology and oceanagraphic applications. The human like arms are one of the features that set OceanOne apart from other underwater ROVs. Read more in “Stanford’s Humanoid Diving Robot Takes on Undersea Archaeology and Coral Reefs“.

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