Migrating from Evernote to Notes

Updated 7/11/16


I really liked Evernote. I considered it a ‘must have’ App for Mac and iOS. It was really useful when I had a Mac, an iPad and an Android phone. Now though, as Evernote has changed and Notes has evolved, I rarely use Evernote other than to refer to the legacy content I had gathered.

I now have an all Apple environment, so Evernote is not as important as it once was. After seeing a comment about leaving Evernote by a colleague in CapMac, I decided it was time to start moving my Evernote content over to Notes.

This, I found, is relatively easy. Here is the process to follow:

  1. Open up the Evernote App on your Mac
  2. Navigate to the Evernote Notebook that you want to migrate (while you can do all Notebooks at one time, it is advisable to address each Notebook seperately)
  3. Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 4.14.34 PM.pngWith the Notebook open in Evernote go to Edit >> Select All (this will select all of the notes within the chosen Notebook)
  4. Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 4.15.12 PMNow go to File >> Export Notes
  5. A dialog box will open allowing you to specify the name of the export file and where to put it ( I chose the file name Mac and the Desktop as the destination)
  6. Click on ‘Save’ and the export will begin. A popup will show you the progress, with a final popup indicating that the export has completed.
  7. Now on my desktop is the file ‘Mac.enex’
  8. Open up Notes on your Mac
  9. Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 4.15.55 PMGo to File >> Import Notes and select the export file you just created in step #6 (Mac.enex in my case)
  10. You will get a popup to confirm the import, click on ‘Import Notes’ to continue
  11. A popup showing the progress of the import will be displayed
  12. When the import has completed, a new folder will be created in Notes called ‘Imported Notes’ that now contains all of the content exported from Evernote.
  13. If you Ctrl Click on the ‘Imported Notes’, you can choose ‘Rename Folder’ to give the newly created folder a more descriptive name. In my case it is ‘Mac Notes’
  14. To keep my imported notes together, I created a new folder in Notes called ‘Evernote Imports’ and as I import Notebooks from Evernote, I drag each of the resulting folders into ‘Evernote Imports’ (you can see that in the image by #9 above)

I have 50 or so Evernote Notebooks, so I will be spreading the migration process out over the next few days. When I am done I will still have the content on all of my devices (Mac, iPhone and iPad – the free version of Evernote now only lets you share between two devices).


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