NASA’s New Launch System Closer to Launch

It is good to see that NASA will soon be back in the ‘heavy lifting’ business. This will open the way for new opportunities.


NASA has a new launch vehicle in the works. The Space Launch System (SLS) is a super-heavy launch system that will carry primary components of NASA’s larger missions into orbit, including astronauts and hardware for a manned Mars mission.

Booster Test for Space Launch System Rocket

Today, NASA completed the final ground test of the rocket booster that will provide the lion’s share of the thrust to carry the SLS and its payloads to orbit.

What’s the SLS Look Like?

The SLS is similar to the Space Shuttle in a couple regards. First, it sports a combination of solid rocket boosters and liquid fueled rockets. It also has a large tank between the boosters that holds liquid hydrogen for fuel, and liquid oxygen for oxidizer. The similarities stop there. Instead of a big space ship riding on the back of the tank, the payload sits atop the whole stack. It is a much more traditional approach, but one…

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