Highbrow a new CE Alternative


Education is important, particularly continuing education. I am always looking for new ways to keep up and learn. I came across Highbrow a short time ago.

Highbrow offers relatively short (10 lesson) courses on a variety of topics. The lessons are short (about 5 minutes in length) and they are emailed to you over a 10 day period. Obviously these are not in-depth courses, but they do offer a quick overview of a subject.

The short lessons and short duration of the courses means that you can try several without the effort significantly encroaching upon your busy schedule. While I would not recommend this avenue if you seek expertise in a subject, I do think that Highbrow offers a unique offering.

I have finished one course and I am in another now. I have also identified a few others that I plan to take in the future. Fortunately, Highbrow seems to be adding a handful of new courses each month so I will not soon exhaust their offerings.

If you are interested in continuing education, this is a great way to expand your knowledge without committing a large amount of you time.

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