Apple Watch News #6


A few more Apple Watch related stores from the past couple of weeks.

Where Does it Go Next?

In “Projecting Where The Apple Watch Goes Next” the future of the Apple Watch is pondered. Apple usually runs a long term strategy so we are likely to see the Apple Watch expand its capabilities into other areas, particularly health care over the next couple of years.

WatchOS 3.0

When watchOS 3.0 arrives this coming fall there will be some significant improvements according to the WWDC 2016 keynote. The next version of the watch OS will run on all current models of the Apple Watch. One of the major improvements will be faster launching of Apps. Among the other changes: Better screens and improved and expanded suite of Apple supplied Apps.

  • Some of the specifics include:
  • New App dock for the watch
  • Share and compete with friends in fitness
  • Use Scribble to send messages
  • Take advantage of Apple Pay through Apps
  • New Health feature Breath
  • Improved accessibility

An in-depth explanation can be found in “Why watchOS 3 Will Be Nimble and Nifty” and “8 reasons you’re finally going to wear your Apple Watch“. I already wear my Apple Watch every day pretty much 24 hours a day (except when I take it off to charge). These changes will just make it more useful!


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