You’re the Reason We Can’t Have Nice Things

Interesting tidbits about Saturn’s rings


One of Saturn’s rings is broken and it’s all Prometheus’ fault – at least so scientists think. The Cassini spacecraft captured this picture of something disrupting the planet’s thin, delicate “F” ring. This type of event, called a jet, is actually fairly common in the rings, and are caused when something passes through, disrupting the small pieces of ice and stellar debris that make up Saturn’s most iconic feature. In this case, fingers are pointing toward the moon Prometheus as the culprit. That moon, and also the moon Pandora, orbit very close to the F ring and can stir up larger pieces of space rubble that are situated nearby, getting them moving in relation to the ring. Then they pass through, push a bunch of stuff out of the way, and poof, they break things. Cassini has taken images of other jets, but this is the most dramatic.

What are…

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