Cool Your Beans?


I have read in other posts where coffee connoisseurs are advised NOT to keep their coffee in the fridge. In the article “Chill coffee beans for a more flavorsome brew, say scientists” that advice is reversed due to scientists at the University of Bath. Their scientific efforts found that chilling roasted coffee beans before grinding them resulted in a more uniform size of small particles. This in turn yields a more flavorful brew.

In fact their research indicates that the colder the beans at the time they are ground the better the results. If you want to dig into the science further, you can read the original article “The effect of bean origin and temperature on grinding roasted coffee” published in Nature.

I don’t have access to liquid nitrogen or dry ice for the two cooler temperatures tried, but I can put some beans into the freezer unit of my refrigerator. I will try that a few times, placing beans in the freezer just before going to bed and see if I can tell any difference when I make coffee the next morning.

2 thoughts on “Cool Your Beans?”

  1. The biggest problem is moisture. You don’t want any condensation on the beans and you want to keep them sealed airtight to retain flavor. Everything I have read has said don’t store beans or grounds in the freezer or fridge that it will ruin them pretty quickly due to moisture. Maybe if you had a small airtight container you put in the fridge overnight with just the amount you need to grind the next morning that might work. I’d still be a little hesitant of the condensation.


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