Apple Watch News #4

Not a lot in Apple Watch news the past few weeks, but these were some stories that caught my eye. Perhaps there will be new announcements at WWDC next week.

Control your Apple TV

Apple has built-in remote control software that is available for your Apple Watch (read “How to use your Apple Watch to control your Apple TV“). I have both, but I am not sure I want to use the tiny screen of the watch for that purpose. It is interesting to see that Apple thought of offering that feature though.

Hide Glances

Apple Watch includes several default ‘glances’. Some I find more useful that others. In “How to Hide Glances on Apple Watch” you can find how to customize which of those ‘glances’ are visible. I have already used this method to remove ‘glances’ I am not interested in such as ‘Stocks’.

Designer Bands

Coach will begin offering bands for the Apple watch on June 13.

For me the plastic band that came with my Apple Sports watch is perfect for my use. For me a watch is a functional tool not a fashion statement.

My Flawed Apple Watch

In another review of using the Apple Watch for a year Abdel Ibrahim wrote “My Flawed Apple Watch Has Become a Necessity“. As with so many I have read, this is mostly positive while pointing out a few of the Apple Watch’s short comings.

Fueling Growth

In a more positive perspective, this Macworld article (“How the Watch could fuel Apple’s next growth spurt“) looks at a more rosy future for the Apple Watch, citing slow beginnings for both the iPod and iPhone.

I am of that mind as well. I still can’t tell anyone that they absolutely need an Apple Watch because of the ‘xyz compelling App or feature’, but I wear mine every day. I also expect to see much more growth in the Health area with the watch over time.

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