First Inflatable Space Station Module is… Inflated

I had written about the Begelow BEAM module earlier in the year. I am glad to see that NASA has been successful in deploying the module.


On a few occasions, I’ve written about Bigelow Aerospace and their inflatable spacecraft modules. A few days ago, NASA astronaut Jeff Williams opened a pressure valve in the International Space Station (ISS) and began to fill the Bigelow BEAM module with air. The first attempt was halted because it was taking much longer than expected and NASA feared that something was wrong. Bigelow looked at the problem and decided it was simply friction from the module being packed up tightly for so long. On the second attempt, NASA simply let it continue, and it finally opened.

WARNING: The embedded video below is a time lapse of the inflation. One of the comments against it suggested making a time lapse of the time lapse. It is very slow, but cool none the less.

Image and video credit: NASA

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