Apple Watch #3 -Time in Words, 12 Reasons and Other Stories


Several small articles have show up on the Apple Watch.

Time in Words

According to “This free Apple Watch complication displays the time in words” you can now get a free complication that shows the time written out in text. Not exactly something that I want but it may be just what you are looking for.

12 Reasons

In “12 reasons I still wear my Apple Watch every day” another user tells why she likes her Apple Watch. Except for the “Apple TV Remote” and “Spinning Planets”, I have to agree with her on the use cases.

One Year On

Various Engadget editors in “The Apple Watch, one year on” shares their opinion after a year with the Apple Watch. Some views were negative, but over all the responses were positive.

Another Year in Review

My God-Awful Year With the Apple Watch” certainly has an eye catching title. Some negative comments, but again, mostly positive.

Nice to Have

In “After a year with Apple Watch, it’s time for a frank appraisal” there is another review of the Apple Watch after a year of use. His summary is ‘Nice to have, but not essential’.

Only 52%

Strategy Analytics reported in April that while global smart watch shipments grew by 223% to 4.2 million units, Apple’s share was only 52%.

I think any of the other smart watch manufacturers with products on the market long before the Apple Watch would be thrilled with owning 52% of the market after only one year!

13 Million

Along the lines of the note above, IDC projected  that Apple shipped about 13 million watches in 2015. The article “Is Apple Watch Really a Flop?” includes projections on all of the smart watch vendors. Apple is shown to have 61.3% of the 2015 market with the closest competitor having only 15.2%.

Clearly the sign that Apple Watch is a failure.


So how do I summarize? The Apple Watch does not have that ‘killer App’ that makes it essential (at least right now). Most users like the Apple Watch and wear it regularly in spite of early reservations. While the media seems to call the Apple Watch a failure, the numbers to me show the start of a good, long term business.

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