Apple Watch News #2 – Why They Are Not Worn, Apps Must be Native and Wearables Dominance


There seems to have been more stories about the Apple Watch in the past few weeks. Perhaps because it is now just over one year old.

Why people are not wearing their Apple Watches

CNET asked some of their editors who owned Apple Watches how they felt about them after a year. The full article is “7 reasons people aren’t wearing their Apple Watch“, but the seven reasons are:

1) It does not do enough
2) There are limited strap options
3) The phone is faster
4) It is too complicated
5) It has uninteresting Apps
6) Just not for me, do not like to be constantly connected
7) There is no killer feature

Of that list the only objections I can even partially agree with are #1 and #7. I had stopped wearing a watch years ago, but now wear my Apple Watch every day. I will not say that it is essential to me, but I would surely miss it if I had to give it up.

Apps must be native

Starting June 1 all Apps being submitted to the App store must be native, that is they must run without a tethered iPhone.

This may limit what some Apps can do, but in the long term I think it is best for the platform.

Wearables Market

Business Insider in “The Apple Watch is winning in the battle of fitness trackers” claims that smart watches, such as the Apple Watch, are capturing a growing share of the wearables market, taking market share from the fitness-bands. They also predicted that by 2020 the Apple Watch will make up about 40% of the luxury-watch ($350+) market.

That really sounds like the ‘failure’ that many have branded the Apple Watch.

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