Translator for Cats?

So the company Temptations Lab has created a collar for cats that will “translate” the cat’s meow into english. Isn’t that what we all need from technology?

Keep in mind that this was developed by a British cat treat company. As they say on their web site:

We set up The Temptations Lab in 2015 in order to inject some serious fun into cats’ lives. 

For our first project we’ve set out to use the very latest technology to get to know them better. We believe that if people understood cats better they’d see just how awesome they really are.

Studies have shown that adult cats meow when talking to humans, not to each other. We’ve analysed these cat sounds and created a program that detects a cat’s meow and matches it to a human voice. We then put this technology inside a sleek 3D printed collar which connects seamlessly to our app where you can choose your cat’s new voice

I for one, having been owned by several cats, am not sure I really would want to know what my cat was saying. This certainly would not be for every cat, but it might be fun. From my experience though, it might be a challenge to get the cat to wear the collar. You might need to mute the translator for the first few days if the “translations” were anywhere close to accurate.

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