Apple Watch News #1 – No Killer App, A Year with my Watch and Finding a Business


As I mentioned before, I really like my Apple Watch. I haven’t seen the need (yet) to write the more in-depth type of technical articles I sometimes author for OS X and iOS. I do think that some of these short topics might be of interest though.

Apple Watch Does Not Need Killer App

I liked this article (“13 awesome Apple Watch tricks that prove it doesn’t need a ‘killer app’“). I am not sure if I agree that these are ‘awesome’ tricks, but it is always useful to know more about what your Apple Watch is capable of. I have sent messages from my watch, answered my iPhone, and handled notifications.

I find now that I am at a loss when I do not have my Apple Watch on.

A Year With the Apple Watch

I have had my Apple Watch almost a year. I found this article (“A year with the Apple Watch: What works, what doesn’t, and what lies ahead?“) a very thorough review of the Apple Watch. I pretty much agree with everything this author says. If you are considering an Apple Watch, this is a good overview to read.

Finding a Business

I thought that the article “How to find nearby businesses on Apple Watch” gave a good explanation as to how to use your Apple Watch to search for a nearby location. I can see how using the “Nearby” option could be useful. Unless my iPhone is buried away and difficult to get to though, I would most likely just use it for the larger screen.

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