No One Needs an Apple Watch


I saw the article “A year after its launch, it’s now clear that pretty much no one needs an Apple Watch” today, and I agree no one needs an Apple Watch – at least not yet. I’ve had an Apple Watch now for almost a year. I had stopped wearing a watch, relying on my iPhone, but since getting the Apple Watch I am back to wearing a watch every day!

I have been asked by others if they should buy an Apple Watch. That is a hard thing to answer. It really depends on what they want to use it for. I do not feel there are compelling Apps right now. I do find it useful – glancing at the latest Slack and Messages updates, seeing how I am progressing in daily exercise, occasionally using Just Press Record to note something down for later reference and YES simply checking what time it is.

I don’t need my Apple Watch, but I certainly like it!

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