Cats in Space?

I came across a brief article today that talked about early efforts to investigate the affects of weightlessness. The short video below shows cats (and pigeons) in a “vomit comet” experiencing a brief period of weightlessness. Check out “The incredible story behind a 1950s space experiment that turned into a viral sensation” to see the video segments. I found the similar sequence shown below on YouTube.

These cats look FAR TOO CALM to me! I recall seeing a similar video once where they had taken a cat and exposed it to weightless conditions in a similar way. The video showed the cat just standing there, then slowly lifting off the deck of the aircraft. A moment later the cat realized what was happening – all four legs shot out to grab at anything in reach and it’s mouth opened in what must have been a pitiful cry.

I have had cats and they have VERY SHARP CLAWS. I don’t know if I would want to be sealed into the small space of the aircraft, weightless, with not one but TWO cats. I think that would have been cruel punishment to the air crew.

As I said the cats in the video above look far too calm.


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