Humanoid Robot, Spherical Drone and Drone at Sea

A few things that are robot and AI related.

I saw this article “Building a humanoid Hollywood star” yesterday and was surprised at how one man could create such a realistic (think uncanny valley realistic) robot as a hobby project. This $50,000 project resulted in a life-size robot that looks remarkably like Scarlett Johansson.

3D printing is one of the technologies that enabled 42 year old Ricky Ma of Hong Kong to construct his robot. The robot motions are not very smooth and it has a limited vocabulary, but I think the results are amazing considering he is doing this on his own.

Follow the link above to the Reuters story that includes a brief video showing his robot in operation.



(video from Unmanned Cowboys web site)

Graduate student Ben Loh has taken his Phd project, and with the assistance of Oklahoma State University faculty and some business partners, has created Unmanned Cowboys LLC. What makes Loh’s drone, ATLAS (All Terrain Land and Air Sphere) somewhat unique is that it is spherical and it can fly, hover or roll on the ground. Unmanned Cowboys is targeting the drone for use by emergency responders, the military and private companies.


DARPA will soon christen it’s 130 ft autonomous drone anti-submarine ship. The ACTUV (Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel) is currently undergoing tests. In addition to tracking unknown submarines, the vessel could be tasked to deliver supplies or perform reconnaissance.


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