Recent Articles About AI


I came across three AI related articles that I found interesting this past week

The first is “Artificial Intelligence Risk – What Researchers Think is Worth Worrying About“. It is short and gives the general results of a survey of over 30 AI researchers. Rather than the threat of ‘killer robots’ that many think of (though some did pick that), the consensus was that the threat was greatest from automation and the resulting economic impact.

That is consistent with prior posts (see these) I have written over the past few months. I, too, see the economic and social impact as the biggest threat from AI and robotics, but at the same time I do not see any nation backing off on increasing their deployment. I believe that ignoring the advantages of using AI and automation would be just as detrimental.


Talking about how AI may impact society, researchers from Future University in Hakodate announced that a team of their researchers working with AI they had developed created a short-form novel and submitted it to the third Hoshi Shinichi Literary Award competition.  The researchers involved with the project set parameters for the story, then the AI software “wrote” the novel.

The applicants for the reward go through a four pass screening process. The AI novel made it through the first pass before being eliminated. While the story structure was said to be good, the story lacked adequate character development. The judges were not aware of the story being generated by AI. While this is the first year that the competition has allowed AI generated submissions, 11 of the 1450 contending novels were penned by AI software.


How smart can AI get? Will AI ever surpass humans? There has been much talk of when and if the singularity will occur – that is, a point in time when AI surpasses human intelligence. This was a topic of discussion at a gathering of AI researches in Berlin last February. Some, like Danko Nikolic of the Max Planck Institute claims that an AI smarter than humans will never be created. However not all of the researchers attending the event agreed. Read “Visions of the singularity: how smart can AI get?” for more details.


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