Happy Pi Day!


Yes today is March 14th – 3.14. Those being the first three digits of the mathematical constant pi (π). The earliest known calculations of π date to the 26th century BC when the pyramids in Egypt were being constructed.

Then the simple ratio of 22/7 was used for the value, which relates the circumference of a circle (C) to its diameter (d).

π = C/d

Today, the most recent calculation of Pi goes to over 13 Trillion digits.


March 14th has been celebrated since 1988 as Pi Day, with a non-binding resolution (HRES 224) passed by the US House of Representatives in 2009 recognizing Pi Day. March 14 has become celebrated around the world now to recognize Pi.

How can you celebrate Pi Day?

  1. One of the easiest and most fun is to simply eat pie!
  2. Wear or display the Pi symbol
  3. Plan your recognition event for 1:59 PM (i.e. 3.14159)

Didn’t have time to bake something up this year? Plan ahead and mark you calendar now for march 14 2017.


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