Shorts on the Harry Potter Universe


A little more has been published about the North American branch of the Harry Potter Universe this week. J. K. Rowling published four short (very short) stories that give a little more history of magic in North America which are free to read on her website Pottermore.

The stories revealing some history of magic in North America are:

  • Fourteenth Century – Seventeenth Century
  • Seventeenth Century and Beyond
  • Rapport’s Law
  • 1920s Wizarding America

All together they should only take 15-30 minutes to read. What they really do is highlight the significant differences between the culture of magic in North America versus what we have seen thus far in England.

If you have read all of the Harry Potter books, these stories will wet your appetite for more of the magical world of Harry Potter. Then you only have to wait until November of this year when the move “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” premiers.

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