iOS Tip – Save a Little iPhone Battery Power


We live and die today with the strength of our iPhone batteries. One of the features added in iOS 9 helps save your battery, at least a little. That feature is called “Facedown detection” and what it does is to disable the display of notifications when your iPhone is face down on a table. This, in turn, saves a little power from being drained from your battery for each notification.

The built in proximity and ambient light sensors detect when the iPhone is facing down and deactivate the display. Note that this feature only works with the iPhone 5s and later models. While the earlier iPhone models have the right sensors, only the iPhone 5s and
later models have the needed motion co-processor. The “Facedown detection” works if you set your iPhone facing down on any surface including a glass table top.

iOS Facedown Detection

You do have to have Fitness Tracking enabled on your iPhone for this to work. Go to Settings >> Privacy >> Motion & Fitness and make sure “Fitness Tracking” is on.

This isn’t going to make a huge difference to the life of your battery charge, but then sometimes every little bit helps. So the next time you are in one of those all day meetings, lay your iPhone face down in front of you. That may just keep it operating all day! If must see every one of those notifications, then an Apple Watch is a good investment.

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