Robots and humans working together


I have written posts (1/6/161/18/16 & 2/15/16) recently that cite studies that warn of job loss from robots and automation.

I came across two articles today (“Robots are friends, not job-stealing foes” and “Don’t Be Alarmed: AI Won’t Leave Half the World Unemployed“) that say that the job outlook is not nearly so bleak.

The first article is a response by VDMA Robotics + Automation Association to the earlier report from the World Economic Forum. The second to both Moshe Vardi’s call to action and to a 2013 report from the Oxford Martin School.

I think that reality is going to lie closer to what these articles predict. Yes more and more jobs can be replaced by robots and automation, but that will not always be practical. We will have more and more interaction with robots. We will increasingly be working side by side with robots. Many will need to add to their training and education to move into new positions.

Robots and automation will be disruptive to some extent. But our history shows other  other disruptive technologies introduced and we have prospered from them.

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