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We each seem to have our own preference for reading. I used to buy mostly paper backs, but have a small collection of hard backs. I would have preferred all hard backs but the cost and space they take up is prohibitive.

When I got my first iPad in 2010 I began reading on it. I have used all three reading Apps – iBook, Kindle and Nook, though I prefer the Kindle. Since then I have almost exclusively read eBooks.

I read a paperback a year or so ago as I had just received a new eBook for review and found that I had the predecessor to it on paper back. I found going back to the small print was a real challenge. I also found having to hold the book open and having to use a reading light at night were both inconveniences as well.

That said, I saw a few weeks ago that paper book sales has been on a slight increase over the past year or two. I guess that paper books will be with us for years ahead, and that is a good thing.

Cafe Book Bean

Lets get to know each other:
Share about your love of books and/or coffee/tea!
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I personally like all of them for different reasons. I prefer to use paperbacks for everyday reading, but I like to get a copy of my favorite books in the hardback. Sometimes it just depends on the book, in the bookstore one or the other will speak to me, I would say I’m 70/30 (paperback/hardback) roughly.  I will say one of my many quirks is that if I start a series with a hard/paperback, I have to finish them all the same! As far as e-books, they are convenient now and then, but I don’t think I will ever fully convert. I think that audiobooks are great for car-rides!

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