Apple vs the FBI


Apple and the FBI are locked in controversy. Why? Recent models of the iPhone encrypt the data on the phone.  Recently the FBI filed a court order compelling Apple to unlock an iPhone used by Tashfeen Malik. He was one of the San Bernardino shooters that resulted in 14 dead.

Apple CEO responded with an open letter “A Message to Our Customers” stating why he and Apple oppose the order. This is an important issue. I have pulled a few of the current articles and included links below.

Everyone needs to understand what the impact is of this order. 

Personally I agree with Apple.

  1. Why Apple Is Fighting Not To Unlock iPhones For The Government
  2. Why You Should Care About Apple’s Fight With the FBI
  3. Support Swells For Apple’s Opposition To iPhone Unlocking Court Order
  4. Privacy advocates gather in support of Apple’s stance against unlocking an iPhone
  5. Google lends Apple support over FBI encryption demands
  6. Cybersecurity companies weigh in on Apple encryption dispute
  7. Petition urges White House to support Apple in blocking government access to locked iPhones
  8. Apple cofounder weighs in on FBI controversy: ‘I think Steve would have gone for the privacy’
  9. Apple’s opposition to backdoors in FBI case gains global, animated attention
  10. In legal showdown, FBI vs. Apple could make or break Silicon Valley
  11. FBI and police are losing the encryption war
  12. 8 surprising twists in the Apple/FBI encryption case – added 2/20/16

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