More projections of job loss to automation


I have been surprised at how many articles I have seen lately projecting job loss due to automation I just read “13 jobs that are quickly disappearing thanks to robots“, “Machines may replace half of human jobs“,  and “Will Automation Make Your Job Redundant?“.  Then there is “When machines can do any job, what will humans do?” by Rice University computer scientist Moshe Vardi. Vardi asks what will humans do in about 30 years when automation and robots can perform most of the jobs that humans currently do now.

I know that the loss of jobs to machines seems far fetched for most people. Robots and automation are steadily, though slowly advancing. With each tiny step forward more jobs come into the scope of what machines are capable of doing.

Can this be stopped – NO, nor do we really want to stop it. Any nation that tries to curtail the use of automation will fall behind the others that embrace it. What we need to do is play ahead. Focus on career paths that will take us, and more importantly our children and grand children, into those areas that will remain outside the scope of automation for the foreseeable future.

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